Group of Companies

Orange Lines Co., Ltd - an association of organizations that provide a complete set of services for business in Foreign Economic Activity.

We provide the following services:

• Customs clearance;

• International transportation from South- East Asia and logistics services on the territory of Russia;

• Professional warehousing services.

We have own fleet, a large terminal and warehouse complex , qualified personnel , many years of experience of interaction with state regulatory agencies.

For the first time the functions of temporary storage, stevedoring and logistics are performed by a single operator of PJSC "Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port". Its operator is Orange Lines Co., Ltd, which handles unloading, storage, customs clearance and forwarding of auto vehicles and any types of cargo.

Orange Lines Co., Ltd combines in the "same hands" a scope of services associated with transshipment of vehicles and cargo from unloading at the port to forwarding by rail, both across Russia and to the CIS countries. Thus, a customer gets a complete set of services.

The range of services rendered as follows:

· Handling general cargoes of open and sheltered storage (equipment, wheeled and crawling vehicles, cars)

· Accommodation / storage of cargoes in permanent customs control zone and customs controlled area;

· Customs clearance;

· Forwarding vehicles by rail;

· Through traffic by rail;

· Freight forwarding services.

In the structure of production of Orange Lines Co., Ltd are sheltered and specialized open storage facilities, allowing placement of up to 2,500 cars and 400 units of heavy machinery at a time.

Orange Lines Co., Ltd is processing vessels of RO-RO and RO-LO type at specialized berths of PJSC "Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port." Currently, Orange Lines Co., Ltd focuses on handling vehicles and machinery from Japan and Korea.