Custom Clearance

Orange Lines will help you understand the nuances of the law and the specifics of doing foreign trade. We offer customs clearance at the port of Vladivostok (certificate of inclusion in the Register of Customs Representatives number 0597/00 of 15.07.2013).

Custom services include:

• consultation in the field of customs legislation, payment of fees;

• preparation of foreign trade contracts;

• Organization of customs clearance procedures related to import / export of goods;

• registration of transaction passports, contracts, a package of documents necessary for economic activity;

• submission of documents to the customs authorities and control at all stages of customs clearance;

• Service contract holder - a set of measures for the importation of the goods on your behalf on our behalf, contract for the Client. We ourselves acquire goods abroad and pass it to you in Russia with all necessary documents, paying their own fees for customs clearance, import (import) duty and VAT. You are spared from having to deal with customs authorities to make payments for goods in foreign currency exchange contract to sign, to register as a trader;

• accommodation in customs warehouses;

• We offer a comprehensive customs services, advice and assistance in preparing the necessary documents;

• selection of HS codes and payment of customs duties;

• import-export operations and selection of optimal schemes;

• preparation of the necessary documents for the declaration of goods;

• estimation of the customs value of the goods and the customs duties on the goods;

• optimization of customs clearance of cargo, including cargo with stringent requirements for storage and transport conditions, dangerous, heavy, cumbersome, lengthy and oversized;

• advice on all matters related to foreign trade and customs legislation of Russia;

• obtaining the necessary certification documents.