Freight Forwarding Services

Our experts in the field of freight forwarding services are ready to provide the highest quality service in the shortest time with minimum cost to the customer.

Freight forwarding services include the following organizational steps:

· Development of optimal routing (scheme) consignment.

· Registration of all necessary documents (bills of lading, invoices, waybills and other documents).

· Carrying out of customs clearance.

· Organization and supervision of loading and unloading;

· Packing or extra hard (soft) package to ensure the safety of cargo; filling of marking goods.

· During the entire transport process forwarder carries out constant monitoring of cargo transportation and schedule observation solves the problems arising in the course of delivery.

· We make insuring your cargo to minimize risks.

For each client, his personal approach - it allows you to reach optimal decisions on the organization of freight forwarding services, ensuring that all the requirements and wishes of the customers.