Warehousing in Vladivostok Sea Fish Port

Functions of a temporary storage warehouse, stevedoring and logistics functions are performed by a single operator LLC "Orange Lines", which deals with unloading, storing and forwarding vehicles.

Ltd. "Orange Lines" integrates "the same hands" list of services related to the transshipment of vehicles: from unloading in the port to be sent by rail, both in Russia and the South-East Asia countries. Thus, the client receives a full range of services.

Range of services:

· Accommodations\storage of cargoes in permanent customs control zone and customs controlled area. (equipment, wheeled and tracked vehicles, cars)

· Positioning / cargo storage

· Customs clearance

· Transit traffic by rail

· Freight forwarding services 

LLC "Orange Lines" is processing vessels RO-RO and RO-LO at specialized berths of "Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port." Ltd. "Orange Lines" is aimed at handling vehicles and machinery from Japan and Korea. To date, the line "BUSAN-Vladivostok" and "Toyama-Vladivostok", "Sakcho Vladivostok."